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Birch has contacted me day and night for nearly 3 weeks.I'm confused about what the prices are, since with each person I talk to the prices change.

Rude "Stephanie" said she could get our second line with the same ATT phone number back and the secretary asked for written confirmation of what was being said. "Stephanie" became VERY rude and said she'd fax it. She did, but it's not what secretary said was said.

They keep calling us and one salesperson had my secretary record MY permission to change phone companies. How is that possible?

Secretary says she recorded permission for us to review their offer. Does that constitute a contract with these folks? I don't want a $1700 termination hassle! My intuition said "don't switch till you check online reviews." Am glad I did.

Advise anybody!

Do I have a contract with them?(Please say "No!")


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My name is Laura and I’m in the Birch Marketing Dept.I am sorry to hear about the confusion you have experienced in your dealings with Birch.

I would like to talk with our Director of Customer Care about your concerns – but in order for us to address your issue we need more information.

Please e-mail me at laura.wagner@birch.com with your phone number and/or account information.Our Director of Customer Care will contact you to try and answer any questions you may have, and offer some clarity.

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