Castroville, Texas
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I have been contacted by this company twice. I was very cautious when speaking with them.

Mr. Baker, a rep for them, is one of the most obnoxious people you would want to deal with. I was told, by him, there is no such thing as unlimited long distance. I was told after 20 hours a month you are charge an additional fee.

With my current company this has never been the case. He was insisted he was correct. I asked that he call me back, I wanted to thinking about this. He called me back, I told him I was not interested, he called me 6 times in the matter of 3 mins.

I work from home and I am on long distance everyday. I told him I was going to report him...he laughed and said go ahead do it.

I called the State Attorney's Office in Texas! I would not have anything to do with this company.

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My name is Laura and I work in the Marketing Department for Birch Communications. I am sorry to read about this issue with Birch.

Your experience is unusual, and I would like to know more. Please e-mail me at with your information, and phone number. I would like to know the details on the representative who contacted you.

We will also have your number removed from our call list, if you would prefer. Thank you.

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