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I have been using Birch Communication for about 5 years without any service issues or incidents. On the morning of Wednesday September 25, I noticed that my home phone did not have a dial tone. I checked the lines and removed the phones, adding them back one by one. To no avail, the phone line still offered no dial tone.

About 9am, I called Birch Communications to get the issued resolved. I spoke to the tech person who checked my lines and told me that they are dispatching a AT&T repairman. The tech person also told me that they would contact me once they diagnosed the problem.

However, at 5pm, I called again to Birch to find out what the status was. Another tech person told me that the AT&T repair person fixed the problem. (I never received a call neither did someone come to my home) At 5:15pm that day, I still had no dial tone. The same person told me that they would schedule Birch repairman.

On Thursday, the following day around 8:30am, I called back to get the status when the Birch tech person would come to fix my line issue. I spoke to another tech person who insisted that they would contact the dispatch and let me know. I continued to call Birch throughout the day until 6pm when the dispatch told me that she would schedule the the Birch repairman on Friday between 10a-Noon.

I called Friday about 10:30am to confirm that the repairman was on the way. However, the same dispatcher said she forgot to put a ticket into the local repair office. She did get a repairman to come out around 1:30p. The Birch repairman acknowledged that I didn't have phone service and then called into the office to let the tech support know that we didn't have service and that AT&T would need to come out.

After many more phone calls, Birch was not responsive to resolving my issue. I spoke to the Customer Service Manager who kicked me over to the Technical Support Manager's voicemail. I left about 6 messages and was not called back.

I decided that AT& T would be a better alternative since I can not get assistance from Birch. Every person I spoke to told me that they would follow-up and they failed to contact me.

I spent a week without service until I was able to get AT&T to take over the line. Remember, you may save money with the smaller carriers but may lose in service!!

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My name is Laura.I am in the Birch Communications Marketing Dept.

Regarding your customer service issues - we work very hard to provide excellent customer service. I really would like find out more about your experience with Birch. Please email me at regarding your experience with Birch Communications.

I will partner with our Customer Care Director to see if there is anything we could do to help resolve your issue at this point.Thank you.

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