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They called my business and made it sound as if they were from AT&T calling to notify me that I my per line charges were being reduced and I did not have to sign anything, just write down my reference number.This made me instantly suspicious, since I can't imagine AT&T reducing my fees EVER.

When I asked if I would be with a different company, they responded, "Oh, no!

You would still have AT&T lines taken care of by AT&T repairmen." So I asked who do I make the checks payable to, and they responded "Birch." So I responded, "Well, then you are a different company," and they continued to try to slip around the issue.I don't like AT&T, but if Birch is this sneaky from the beginning, then I know that I do not want to be involved with them at all!

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We're very sorry to hear you have been approached in this manner and would like to investigate immediately. Please contact me by email at helga.ojinmah@birch.com or by phone on 678.370.2243 urgently.

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