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I dont understand how a phone company can switch your phone services without your knowledge and start charging you.Once i got their bill i called my phone company and they said that what they had done was illegal and that i needed to call them to cancel their services and report them to the fcc.

I called Birch and explained to them what was going on and that i didn't want their services. I thought everything was worked out, that was until i got another bill from them for $1750.00 for a termination fee. If they call you, be rude and hang up the phone.

They will be hateful and charge you $2000.00 dollars for that phone conversation.

I'm pissed!

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The absolute worst company ever.Any company that makes AT&T look good and competent sets a standard for futility.

I disconnected my service in 6/15. i get a notice on 11/9 that i owe $1,800 for service to a land line and two phone lines that WERE DISCONNECTED IN JUNE. I sat with them for 2 hours on the phone while they played phone ping pong with me.

I even had a letter that "all service will be terminated effective 6/29/15." They did in;t want to hear anything about the letter.STAY AWAY !!!!!!!


UNBELIEVABLE!!! I can't understand how these people have had such poor service from a company that has given us the best service of any phone company ever, from the lowest rates, that never changed to something higher afterward, to the best service and most expedient too, whenever we called in with troubles, Birch was on top of things so quick and are always so professional and respectful to us...nothing like the horrible hours and days spent on hold with AT$T just to get some guy in bangladesh I can never understand and when they can't answer simple questions, they get rude and hang up or put you on hold forever...this scenario never happens with Birch, since I got an account manager, even though I only had 2 business lines, something I defintely never had with AT$T, so I think these people here are just working for AT$T because they can't match what birch can do for the smaller customers like myself.

to Judy_0 #872944


It appears you're operating as Birch damage control because from most of the comments I've read the exact same scams they speak of Birch sales rep used on me.I never liked AT&T so it was easy for me to get sucked into the lies of Birch Communications.

They claim my bill would be much cheaper each month, instead it's 20% more. True, I was disfranchised the way AT&T would put you on hold forever if you had a problem but, they never lied to me about my bill like Birch flagrantly did. I do feel sorry for all you 3 year contract people that is a long stretch to deal with a crooked communication service provider I've only got 1 year to tolerate their *** and you better believe at the end of my remaining 10 months I shall return to my adversary AT&T.

Sorry girlfriend your damage control didn't work on me because I gave you a balance view of both providers and I choose the lesser of 2 evils which is AT&T over Birch any day.


I am a former "Sales Engineer" for Birch and was one of the first "750 employees"...

now this was when Dave Scott / Jeff Shackleford put this this scam together...

their gig was get business to "sign up"...

sales reps had a quota and if didn't make it, they got fired...

they lied to potential customers but only 'cause the lies came from above us...

it was nothing but a cash generating thing for them and Shackleford was the 1st to get out...

Dave Scott sat across the table at an office meeting and told us our jobs "were secure"...

2 months later I got laid off with this nice little prepared package that took some time to put together instead of calling some one and saying "you're fired"..

now they did bankruptcy 6 or 7 times since I got run off...

it's a scam...

they don't have their own employees that care about the customers...

for my birthday, I got a little "punch out" birthday hat...

when my wife passed away, I didn't get a *** email and got wrote up for coming in 2 hours late 1st day back to work after funeral...

J Walters


I have been with Lightyear for years.Now today I got this billing from Birch Communications.

No information about the change or nothing.How can you change my phone provider and not tell me?


I had my service with through Lightyear Wireless who recently sold to Birch Communications.Lightyear was contracted to provide the service with Sprint.

For the last couple of months, throughout the transition from Lightyear Wireless to Birch Communications, my signal has been spotty at best...frequent dropped calls, text messages not arriving or taking too long to receive. I am on a no-contract service fortunately, but I just paid for another month of service. It would appear that I won't be receiving the service I paid for!?

WTF???I have to say I am disappointed in Lightyears' choice to sell out to a company that cannot fulfill its obligation to its newly acquired customers.

to BG #729157

as a former Birch Sales Engineer (Beaumont TX area)get ready for some really *** "customer" service...


I was contacted by their salesperson and assured that nothing would change if I switched fron AT$T.Like a fool I agreed to their service.

A few weeks later I came to work and had no internet. I called and they said they were working on it, no one would call me back. My business was shut down. I asked to speak with a manager and was told that they could not give me that information.

No one told me I had to have a new modem to use the internet. I got one a day and a half later and things seemed to work. One month later to the day my phone lines would not roll over and clients we calling saying they were geting a busy signal. I called Birch and they said they could not do roll-over.

They ageeed to let me cancel and I did. Went back to AT&T.

Wish I had never dealt with them.They are horrible.

to Hank Richardson, Texas, United States #693967

OMG,Hank I feel your PAIN, we are a public library and we were led to believe that they were affiliated with AT&T and we'd get a cheaper rate, so we or I switched (like a fool).Let me tell you cheaper is not always better, when you need reliability.

Our problems started not long after me switched and we decided to stick it out rather than paying the disconnect fees, which was Hugh!!! Oh, let me explain we are a small public library in a rural area and need reliable service. Well we were stuck with them for three(3) horrible years:(( When anything went wrong we had to wait on the AT&T service people to come check it out. We just had a bad experience with these shysters!!!

OK,I sent them a letter asking them to disconnect our services in April,right? Today we received another bill, I called and asked what was it for, they said I didn't specify what I wanted on my letter that said "PLEASE DISCONNECT OUR SERVICES!!!" THESE PEOPLE ARE SO CROOKED!!!


to Library #729155

as a former Sale Engineer of Birch from the Beaumont area, I know of your and other companies with same problems and know what line of *** you were told...


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