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I was employed with CloseCall America which is a telecommunications company that Birch Communications took over in December 2010. I decided to stay with their service during the take over, figured I'd give them a try despite other reviews saying how crappy they are.

I placed a full disconnection order with Birch to be completed on February 22nd. I woke up this morning(Feb 8th) to find I had no dialtone. I finally manage to get Birch on my cell phone (surprising since my cell service usually sucks inside my house) and they say the order was accidentally processed early. It's now 4:45 PM and I call them again asking about the status of getting my service reconnected. No updates available.

I should have known Birch would screw my order up after seeing other customer complaints online and not to mention the guy who took my order did not verify anything with me which means they have crappy customer service. My advice to any Birch customers, double check that their incompetent customer service reps put your order(s) in correctly by having them verify everything back to you. I can only smile at how many CloseCall America customers this *** company lost due to screw ups and long hold times. :)

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I have never ever in my 40 plus years of living delt with a worse company then Birch. I'm still dealing with them and really do not see an end in sight! All I want is for them to correct my billing that has been screwed up since they took over my service from CloseCall, which by the way was WONDERFUL!


This company is nothing but CROOKS!!


My account was handled by upper management. They resolved the issue 2 days later.


Please send your account information to me at, and I will work with our customer service management to resolve this issue.

We do work hard to provide excellent customer service, and we very much regret your inconvenience.

Greg Corwin

Director, Marketing

Birch Communications

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